Of all things that can catch us off guard and we are never truly prepared for is the loss of a loved one. The void they leave behind takes much time to fill. Add to that are the plans and preparations needed to properly lay them to rest. This requires much of our time in the midst of grieving. Our greatest desire is to give our loved ones a proper farewell and help others see how they touched our lives. These were the sentiments that brought Cherished Keepsakes into existence.

Our goal is to aid in creating lasting memories of your loved ones. Much effort and thought went into the creation of our products with the desire that those who receive them will hold onto them, in effect, cherishing the keepsake they’ve received of one who has assisted them at some point in their lives.

I’ve come across many funeral-related products, since I too have lost dear friends and family and felt that they do not show the departed as they properly should be. Rightly so, for who has time to create a treasured item with the many tasks it takes to lay someone to rest. Truth is, we all desire to do something nice, but often do not possess anymore emotional strength or time to file through photos, create content, design and print the items needed for the funeral and afterwards. Our products are created with the sole purpose of paying due homage to those who have passed. There is no embellishing our products with religious artifacts or general images of clouds, flowers and saints. Instead the imagery of your loved one enhances our designs and honors their legacy.

We understand that death is unexpected and we are prepared to do what is necessary to meet your heightened timeline. Therefore, our designs are customizable and can accommodate a variety of text and photos and can be turned around in as little as a day. This is so because majority of our products are designed, printed and assembled in-house.

I am truly sorry for the loss that has taken place in your life and has brought you here to us. But, I am pleased that you have chosen us with the precious privilege of creating a cherished keepsake that will help you and others in the grieving process, as well as show everyone how much your loved one meant to you.



George Paul III,