Cost Comparison

There are many reasons why families choose to create and produce their own keepsakes—a personal farewell, talented family members or others. Yet the primary reason is cost and resources. Families believe that producing keepsakes on their own would be more economical than having them professionally done. Additionally, with an unexpectedly packed schedule you may be unsure of the resources available to you and rely upon yourself to create something while filled with many emotions that can make designing the keepsake you want a challenge.

At Cherished Keepsakes the time, effort and cost it would take you to create your own keepsakes is the same as and often less than us creating and shipping the keepsakes to you. For instance, most print shops such as Staples, Officemax, and FedEx Office will charge anywhere from $1.50–$2.50 per Funeral Program whereas Cherished Keepsakes’ programs start at 99¢. Also, we can create many other keepsakes in one place that you would have to travel, call or search the internet for since many of those print shops are unable to. This is because memorial keepsakes is not their business—it’s ours.

We specialize in elegant, cost-effective timely produced keepsakes. You don’t have to design anything. What’s more is that you can take advantage of our innovative collections that embody your dear one’s personality and traits. Simply pick the keepsakes you desire, inform us of any special requests you want to see included in the program and they are designed and shipped within 48 hours or less. Look at the continually growing comments families have made about our keepsakes. Take advantage of our superior designs and create the keepsake of your loved one today!