Why Cherished Keepsakes?

We turn our products around quickly and less expensively than what you might be able to do on your own. We understand that everyone wants to create their own keepsakes for their loved one, but with all the plans to lay them to rest, the visits from supporters and more it becomes increasingly difficult to design what you want. We know what you want because we’ve been in your shoes and it’s our desire to use all of our skills to create something that will help all realize how much your dear one meant to you.

We provide greater comfort during this turbulent time with our keepsakes. Often families are overjoyed at the site of our keepsakes because we capture the essence of their loved one better. People are more than clouds, fields, saints and the like. They are photos, memories and special sayings that regale us with recollections of unforgettable times we cherish. Our team at Cherished Keepsakes chooses not to use generic images and icons in our collections, but let your photos enhance our designs. With an ever-growing line of design collections we are constantly creating diverse options in which you can encapsulate those you cherish.

Lastly, with our On-Time Guarantee™ you can’t lose. If our products are not delivered by the time of your service you receive a full refund. We look forward to having the honor of paying homage to your loved one with our cherished keepsakes.