Elegant, unified memorial keepsakes for the funeral and after

Cherished Keepsakes’ Timeless Memorial Design Collection

Blissful  |  Celtic  |  Classic   |   Deco  |  Eternal  |  Floral   |   Heart of Gold    |  Majestic  |  Modern   |   Regal   |   Sublime  |  Timeless   |   Vintage  |  Wistful  |  Image Series


Our keepsakes are grouped into design collections. Each collection features elegant motifs, robust colors, and our signature drop capital letters to add sophistication to your keepsake. Our collections also give your keepsakes cohesiveness that many appreciate often-requesting reprints and larger runs due to overwhelming requests from family and attendees. Families have used words like timeless, regal, classic to describe the superb quality of our keepsakes. That is not by accident. We pay close attention to the details that give our design collections their character which are summed up by the words previously mentioned. Hence, the names of our design collections are the words that best describe the personality it displays thus mimicking the essence of your loved one.

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