Getting Started

If this is the first time planning a service for a loved one don’t be anxious. Although the primary task of handling the affairs of your loved one has been left to you take your time. You are dealing with many emotions as well as others’ emotions. It’s ok to take some time to acknowledge those emotions, gather yourself and continue handling the arrangements.

Understand you will be flooded with calls and visits of comfort, support and assistance until the service. Some comments, people and calls may rub you the wrong way. Keep in mind both of you are grieving which manifests itself in a variety of ways therefore take such words with a grain of salt—or a heap if need be!

Don’t try to do it all. You are one person and there are people who are ready and willing to help, take advantage of it. Focus your energies on the most important tasks as well as the ones that you wish to personally attend to due to your relationship with your dearly departed.

If you find that you are overwhelmed with producing the keepsakes you can download our Funeral Program Template and use it as a guide. You can also look at the samples in our product page of how some families put together keepsakes for their loved one. Set up an appointment with us and we will go over samples and discuss your specific needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and assistance in choosing the best keepsakes that will help you, family, friends and attendees gain greater comfort in the days to come.


Funeral Program Order of Service Template