Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my loved one’s pictures to you for a keepsake I wish to create?

When creating your keepsake on our site there is a section to upload your digital photos. If you have photos you wish to include but are not in a digital format you can do any one of the following options to convert them:

A. Simply use a digital camera that has a resolution of 8MP or more. Be sure not to use the flash on the camera and make sure there is as much ambient light as possible; natural lighting is best but not necessary. Take the picture directly above the photo and not at an angle as it will not appear right in the final production. If you’re using a smartphone to take a  picture of your pictures use a modern one such as an iPhone 5 or comparable. That will generally suffice for production of our keepsakes. Always save the new images at the highest resolution and file size as possible.

B. The best way is to scan your photos using a flatbed scanner such as ones included in multi-function printers. Most modern scanners allow you to scan multiple photos at one time. Scan them at least 150 dpi. Most scanners are automatically set for that resolution, but it never hurts to double check.

C. If you feel comfortable you can also send your photos to us via overnight mail and they will be returned to you in your shipped order. 

What is the best way to upload multiple photos?

For Memorial Programs it would be best to first organize the photos the way you desire. Once that is complete you can zip, or condense, the file and load that zip file in the “Image Upload” section. Doing it this way saves lots of time instead of loading the photos one by one. WinZip is a  program for both Windows and Mac users that allows you to condense large files and load the entire collection at once rather than individually. They have a free standard version you can download and use. You can click here to download the program if you do not have it already. You can dictate any special instructions regarding any specific placement of photos in the “Special Request” section of the online store. If you are having any difficulty at all please do not hesitate to call us for assistance. 

I have multiple photos how can I dictate where the photos are placed in the keepsake?

You can indicate where the photos are to go in the “Special Request” section of our online store. For keepsakes such as our Standard Memorial Programs it might be advantageous to organize them into various folders for the section you wish them to be placed.

I want one of your keepsakes produced in a larger size than you have listed here how do I do that?

We have produced oversized keepsakes for families, yet it is considered a custom request. Please fill out the form on our Contact page or call us for pricing.

Do you fulfill custom requests? 

Yes we do. If your request is simple such as a color change or adding a general icon you can simply type in your request in the “Special Request” section of your order. If your request is to use one of our design collections in a different format other than what is listed that would be considered a custom request and you can contact us via phone or fill out the form on our Contact page for pricing.

Do you include religious icons in your keepsakes?

No we do not. There were many discussions with our team regarding this question. We serve all religious denominations and therefore do not show partiality to any faith. In the end, our keepsakes are about paying homage to your loved one and religious icons tend to take precedence over their legacy and the tribute you wish to pay to them. This is the case even with loved ones who were devout. What sets our keepsakes apart from what you would find in the industry is that it is not generalized with images of saints and other icons that, while nice, ultimately overshadow your loved one. This has not been a cause of concern for the families whom we’ve been privileged to work with because our designs compliment and capture their dear one better than any icons might. In some cases we’ve included general icons such as Bibles, trees, doves and cancer symbols in their keepsakes which has made families very happy. For a more detailed explanation please read our “Religious Icon” page.

When will I receive my placed order?

If your order is placed by 1:00PM EST it is shipped out via priority or overnight express the next day with a tracking number provided via email. You should receive your order within 1–3 business days.