Cameleau Jean-Michel






Cameleau Jean-Michel, a longtime resident of Dorchester, passed away on December 1st, 2015 peacefully at Boston Medical Center while in the company of his children.

Cameleau was born in Haiti, on January 11, 1925 to the late Lorisna Fleurimond and Pelissier Jean-Michel. After his formal education in his town at a very young age, he started his independent life in his early teen. He was a speculator, a great farmer and also a truck driver and an entrepreneur.

Cameleau married his late wife, Claire Belizaire  who passed away almost two years ago in Massachusetts, after a long life of 34 years  .Camealeau established himself in Massachusetts in 1988 and worked at Marriott Hotel in Newton for 10 years. He retired in 1998 at the age of 73 years and after his retirement; he continued to extend his service as a conductor by giving ride and outing to many people without car to their job. He has never worried waking up early in the morning to drop friends to work or pick them up even late at night.

In his normal life, Cameleau enjoyed working; he always helped people out in their difficult time. It was a joy for the family and friends to have such affectionate person in our midst.

Religiously, Cameleau was a true and avid believer in God. He loved to pray and always praying for his loving children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He was a fervent member of St. Angela Catholic Church.

Cameleau was a loving father, a good advisor and also a good friend to everybody. He loved to provide continuous advices to his children, his family and his friends. Through his modesty and closeness to the Lord, he has encouraged people to pray God in time of distress and when life situation seems difficult and unbearable.  In all, Cameleau Jean Michel was very distinct, genuine, respectful, and most of all a people- person. He has been known by a lot of people in Boston for his humorous character and his selfless compassion to reach out to others.

  He is survived by his 12 children, his 34 grandchildren and 16 greatgrandchildren. He also left behind his nieces and nephews; Elda, Elguy, Sony, Fernande, Gontran, Roseline, Ronald Jean-Michel as well as his loving sister-in-law Clotilde Germain.

Cameleau had a good life. He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.  He preceded in death by his wife Claire Belizaire, His daughter Marie Rosette J.M. Desire and his brother Cenora Jean-Michel.

Generation of Cameleau

Children: Carlo Jean-Michel, Michelle Rose Jean-Michel, Jocelyne Jean-Michel, Marie Lodie Jean-Michel, Olga Jean-Michel, Yvane Jean-Michel, Mireille Jean-Michel, Lunique Jean-Michel, Clytendre Jean-Michel, Bethie Jean-Michel, Sacquia Jean-Michel, Sandy Jean-Michel

Grandchildren: Beaudelaire, Elsie, Wilchette, Harry, Carline and Pierre Francis, Desire, Kenny, Magalie, Carlo Junior and Samenta Jean-Michel, Renee, Somara and Shanaya Laguerre, Christopher & Ann Kerry Jean-Michel, Jamesy Jean-Michel & Jessie Felisha Francois, Magdalena Claire & Maya Photopoulos, Darrheen Jean-Michel, Leika, Carissa and Lovencia Jean-Michel, Alicia & Alvin Dennery, Jaden, Tyler and BethieJean Clemenceau, Kiyana, Jahmi & Zyon Aldin, Kamilah Jean, Kaitlyn Gilbert & Brayden Gregoire

Great-Grandchildren: Rashard S.Jean-Michel, Andy F. Arnold Jr. and Trinitee D. Arnold, Christelle, Christina & Loundie Desire, Junior Pierre, Amhar, Boyden, Richard Deisre, Amadi and Amir Dolcine, Kenzel, Kenzia, Zehir and Zakim Jean-Michel

The In-Laws: Ernal Aldin, Ernst Laguerre, Antoine Roger Gelin, Kenneth Pickerelli, Francois Gregoire & Natacha Laguerre.

God’s greatest gift has returned to Heaven.