John Williamson

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John Williamson was born on August 29, 1945. He married his beloved wife Julianne on September 17, 1970. From that union came two very loved children: John Jr. and Alex. The family moved to North Carolina in the fall of 1983.

John was always a hard worker putting in long hours as a carpenter. His diligence along with support from his family allowed him to run his own business for many years before retiring due to illness. In his final years he most enjoyed spending time with his family and recollecting the days he and his sons spent running the family business. 

Always with a good sense of humor John was never seen without a smile on his face,  a tall tale to share or trying to play a practical joke on one of the family. We all played along and good times ensued.

John is survived by his sons: John Jr. and Alex and four grandchildren: James, Simon, Susan and Christie.