1. Choose your keepsake from the items below           2. Choose your options and design collection
3. Enter your content & upload your images                 4. Add to bag, checkout and you’re done!
Download our template as a guide for the content of your keepsake: CK_ Order_of_Service_Template_A_4-13. When you are finished simply copy and paste the content in the appropriate sections.

If you are having any difficulty ordering online or encounter any problems do not hesitate to call us at 617-971-8590.

Custom designs are available upon request. Please call before placing order.

Uploading Your Photos
When creating your keepsake on our site there is a section to upload your digital photos. If you have photos you wish to include but are not in a digital format you can do any one of the following options to convert them: A. Simply use a digital camera that has a resolution of 8MP or more. Be sure not to use the flash on the camera and make sure there is as much ambient light as possible; natural lighting is best but not necessary. Take the picture directly above the photo and not at an angle as it will not appear right in the final production. If you’re using a smartphone to take the picture of your pictures use a modern one such as an iPhone 5 or comparable. That will generally suffice for production of our keepsakes. Always save the new images at the highest resolution and file size as possible. B. The best way is to scan your photos using a flatbed scanner such as ones included in multi-function printers. Most modern scanners allow you to scan multiple photos at one time. Scan them at least 150 dpi. Most scanners are automatically set for that resolution, but it never hurts to double check. C. If you feel comfortable you can also send your photos to us via overnight mail and they will be returned to you in your shipped order. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us directly at 617-971-8590

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